Prepare a bed of sand using a sand/ silica water mixture. Press mold into sand mixture, creating negative impression of desired shape. Colored glass powders and frits are added to the mold to color the resulting sculpture.


Using a clean steel ladle gather the molten glass, at a temperature where it runs very freely. This is often at a temperature higher than that used to blow glass. After gathering the glass the strings of glass, which hang to the ladle, should be immediately cut with sheers

molten glass over sand

When the mold is filled with hot glass it is time to take the piece to the annealer ( large oven) The glass stays in the annealer long enough to slowly return to room temperature. This timing in the annealer can range from a matter of hours to a number of days Depending on the size and shape of the piece.


After the piece has been annealed, loose sand can be removed from the glass surface by using a wire brush.

wire in glass closeup

The final stage of the piece is then cold worked using a grinder, or cut with a diamond saw, engraved or sandblasted.